Commit a7363bb4 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause

Adapt the map zoom level dependent on the place we are looking at

parent 97efca87
......@@ -78,13 +78,16 @@ static void addGoToMapAction(QMenu *menu, const QVariant &place)
const auto geo = JsonLdDocument::readProperty(place, "geo");
if (!geo.isNull()) {
auto action = menu->addAction(QIcon::fromTheme(QStringLiteral("map-globe")), i18n("Show \'%1\' On Map", JsonLdDocument::readProperty(place, "name").toString()));
QObject::connect(action, &QAction::triggered, menu, [geo]() {
// zoom out further from airports, they are larger and you usually want to go further away from them
const auto zoom = place.userType() == qMetaTypeId<Airport>() ? 12 : 16;
QObject::connect(action, &QAction::triggered, menu, [geo, zoom]() {
QUrl url;
const QString fragment = QLatin1String("map=12/") + JsonLdDocument::readProperty(geo, "latitude").toString()
+ QLatin1String("/") + JsonLdDocument::readProperty(geo, "longitude").toString();
const QString fragment = QLatin1String("map=") + QString::number(zoom)
+ QLatin1Char('/') + JsonLdDocument::readProperty(geo, "latitude").toString()
+ QLatin1Char('/') + JsonLdDocument::readProperty(geo, "longitude").toString();
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