Commit b39f0f0e authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Clean up code

parent 22eab993
......@@ -111,22 +111,6 @@ void GrantleePrintTest::shouldDisplayContactInfo_data()
QTest::newRow("spouse") << QStringLiteral("spouse") << QStringLiteral("foo-spousesname");
QTest::newRow("givenname") << QStringLiteral("givenName") << QStringLiteral("foo-givenname");
QTest::newRow("additionalname") << QStringLiteral("additionalName") << QStringLiteral("foo-additionalname");
#if 0
QString realName() const;
QString formattedName() const;
QStringList emails() const;
QString webPage() const;
QString preferredEmail() const;
QString birthday() const;
QVariant addresses() const;
QVariant phones() const;
QString addressBookName() const;
QVariant instantManging() const;
QVariant geo() const;
QString photo() const;
QString logo() const;
QVariant crypto() const;
void GrantleePrintTest::shouldDisplayContactInfo()
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