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remove references to the never realized resource profiles

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......@@ -171,15 +171,6 @@ and the user will (probably) never see them at work.
Resources are processes which load data from an external data source, store them
in the cache of the Storage and keep track of changes on both sides to keep
the external data source and the cache synchronized.
Resources can be grouped into profiles, where one Resource can belong to different
profiles. Profiles are useful in use cases like this:
You have configured a local Resource and a groupware server Resource. You want both
to be shown in the address book application but for synchronization with your mobile
phone only the data from the local Resource is of interest. So the easy solution
is to create a profile 'view' which both the local Resource and the groupware server
Resource belong to, and a profile 'synchronize' to which only the local Resource is
assigned. Now you just have to tell the application which profile it should use to
access the data.
\subsection akonadi_design_control The Control
The Control process is the 'brain' of the system. It starts the Storage and Resource
......@@ -187,8 +178,7 @@ processes and monitors them, so that if one of these processes crashes, it resta
Furthermore it provides a D-Bus API with the following functionality:
\li Managing Resources
\li Managing Profiles
\li Notifications when the state of Resources or Profiles have changed
\li Notifications when the state of Resources have changed
The Control should be started in the startkde script and terminated at the end of the session.
......@@ -239,16 +229,6 @@ Examples:
0x8056310 * 1 FETCH (FLAGS (\Seen \MimeTypes[message/rfc822]) RFC822 {2450} From: Till Adam To: ...
\section akonadi_design_communication_profile Profile Handling
<div id=' akonadi_profile_handling_small.png' onClick="document.getElementById(' akonadi_profile_handling_small.png').style.display='none';document.getElementById(' akonadi_profile_handling.png').style.display='inline';" title="Click to enlarge" >
\image html akonadi_profile_handling_small.png "Akonadi Profile Handling"
<div id=' akonadi_profile_handling.png' onClick="document.getElementById(' akonadi_profile_handling.png').style.display='none';document.getElementById(' akonadi_profile_handling_small.png').style.display='inline';" style="display:none" >
\image html akonadi_profile_handling.png "Akonadi Profile Handling"
\image latex akonadi_profile_handling.eps "Akonadi Profile Handling" height=2.5cm
\section akonadi_design_communication_agent Agent Handling
<div id=' akonadi_agent_handling_small.png' onClick="document.getElementById(' akonadi_agent_handling_small.png').style.display='none';document.getElementById(' akonadi_agent_handling.png').style.display='inline';" title="Click to enlarge" >
\image html akonadi_agent_handling_small.png "Akonadi Agent Handling"
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