Commit 5f5a95e2 authored by Krzysztof Nowicki's avatar Krzysztof Nowicki Committed by Laurent Montel
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Rewrite the debug method to clear the sync state of a collection

parent ca202bdf
......@@ -1050,10 +1050,13 @@ void EwsResource::clearFolderSyncState()
void EwsResource::clearFolderSyncState(const QString &folderId)
void EwsResource::clearCollectionSyncState(int collectionId)
Collection col(collectionId);
auto attr = col.attribute<EwsSyncStateAttribute>();
CollectionModifyJob *job = new CollectionModifyJob(col);
void EwsResource::clearFolderTreeSyncState()
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ protected:
void doSetOnline(bool online) override;
public Q_SLOTS:
void configure(WId windowId) override;
Q_SCRIPTABLE void clearFolderSyncState(const QString &folderId);
Q_SCRIPTABLE void clearCollectionSyncState(int collectionId);
Q_SCRIPTABLE void clearFolderSyncState();
Q_SCRIPTABLE void clearFolderTreeSyncState();
Q_SCRIPTABLE void setInitialReconnectTimeout(int timeout);
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