Commit 6299d2ae authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Don't promote dummy collections to real ones just because we saw it twice.

Fixes NoSelect attribute ping-pong on those collections and thus reduces
change notifications and thus collection reloads by clients.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdepim/runtime/; revision=1199952
parent 1ea8dbc3
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ void RetrieveCollectionsTask::onMailBoxesReceived( const QList< KIMAP::MailBoxDe
currentPath += separator + pathPart;
if ( m_reportedCollections.contains( currentPath ) ) {
if ( m_dummyCollections.contains( currentPath ) ) {
if ( m_dummyCollections.contains( currentPath ) && !isDummy ) {
kDebug() << "Received the real collection for a dummy one : " << currentPath;
//set the correct attributes for the collection, eg. noselect needs to be removed
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