Commit 704c3297 authored by Christian Mollekopf's avatar Christian Mollekopf

Require libkolab 1.0

parent 37cdec00
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ find_package(Xsltproc)
set_package_properties(Xsltproc PROPERTIES DESCRIPTION "XSLT processor from libxslt" TYPE REQUIRED PURPOSE "Required to generate D-Bus interfaces for all Akonadi resources.")
# Libkolab
find_package(KF5Kolab "1.0.0" QUIET CONFIG)
find_package(Libkolab 1.0 QUIET CONFIG)
set_package_properties(Libkolab PROPERTIES DESCRIPTION "libkolab" URL "" TYPE OPTIONAL PURPOSE "The Kolab Format libraries are required to build the Kolab Groupware Resource")
# Libkolabxml
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ add_subdirectory( contacts )
add_subdirectory( dav )
add_subdirectory( ical )
add_subdirectory( imap )
if (KF5Kolab_FOUND AND Libkolabxml_FOUND)
if (Libkolab_FOUND AND Libkolabxml_FOUND)
add_subdirectory( kolab )
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