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Change fallback server URL to etebase default server URL

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......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ void SetupWizard::manualNext()
const QString username = field(QStringLiteral("credentialsUserName")).toString();
const QString password = field(QStringLiteral("credentialsPassword")).toString();
const QString advancedServerUrl = field(QStringLiteral("credentialsServerUrl")).toString();
const QString serverUrl = advancedServerUrl.isEmpty() ? QStringLiteral("") : advancedServerUrl;
const QString serverUrl = advancedServerUrl.isEmpty() ? QString::fromUtf8(etebase_get_default_server_url()) : advancedServerUrl;
auto job = new LoginJob(mClientState, serverUrl, username, password, this);
connect(job, &LoginJob::finished, this, [this](KJob *job) {
qCDebug(ETESYNC_LOG) << "Login finished";
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