Commit ad96da08 authored by Krzysztof Nowicki's avatar Krzysztof Nowicki Committed by Laurent Montel
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Dynamically increment reconnect timeout

In case of an error leading to bringing the resource offline
temporarily it needs to periodically attempt to restart in case the
issue is intermittent.

Initially retry fairly quickly (15s) to catch some short intermittent
problems. If that doesn't help, extend the wait time longer and longer
in order not to hammer the server with requests.
Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Nowicki's avatarKrzysztof Nowicki <>
parent 6905a926
......@@ -73,8 +73,8 @@ const EwsPropertyField EwsResource::globalTagsVersionProperty(EwsResource::akona
const EwsPropertyField EwsResource::tagsProperty(EwsResource::akonadiEwsPropsetUuid, QStringLiteral("Tags"), EwsPropTypeStringArray);
const EwsPropertyField EwsResource::flagsProperty(EwsResource::akonadiEwsPropsetUuid, QStringLiteral("Flags"), EwsPropTypeStringArray);
static Q_CONSTEXPR int InitialReconnectTimeout = 60;
static Q_CONSTEXPR int ReconnectTimeout = 300;
static constexpr int InitialReconnectTimeout = 15;
static constexpr int MaxReconnectTimeout = 300;
EwsResource::EwsResource(const QString &id)
: Akonadi::ResourceBase(id)
......@@ -214,6 +214,7 @@ void EwsResource::rootFolderFetchFinished(KJob *job)
qCDebug(EWSRES_LOG) << "Root folder is " << id;
mReconnectTimeout = InitialReconnectTimeout;
if (mSettings->serverSubscription()) {
mSubManager.reset(new EwsSubscriptionManager(mEwsClient, id,, this));
......@@ -1200,9 +1201,10 @@ void EwsResource::doSetOnline(bool online)
int EwsResource::reconnectTimeout()
// Return InitialReconnectTimeout for the first time, then ReconnectTimeout.
int timeout = mReconnectTimeout;
mReconnectTimeout = ReconnectTimeout;
if (mReconnectTimeout < MaxReconnectTimeout) {
mReconnectTimeout *= 2;
return timeout;
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