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DAV resource: support exception incidences

My calendar has a few events like
BEGIN:VEVENT   # the only one

They show up in roundcube but were missing in korganizer.
I'm no ICAL expert but I think those are exceptions
to a recurring event, detached from that recurring event.

And indeed after this fix, they show up as "Recurrence: Exception"
in korganizer.

Found by debugging "Failed to parse item data" warnings from
the DAV resource.
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...@@ -160,7 +160,10 @@ bool Utils::parseDavData(const KDAV::DavItem &source, Akonadi::Item &target, Ako ...@@ -160,7 +160,10 @@ bool Utils::parseDavData(const KDAV::DavItem &source, Akonadi::Item &target, Ako
} }
if (!mainIncidence) { if (!mainIncidence) {
return false; // Some broken events have only one incidence, with a recurrence ID - like a detached exception.
// Rather than skipping those, make them appear: pick first incidence as the main one
mainIncidence =;
} }
for (const IncidencePtr &exception : std::as_const(exceptions)) { for (const IncidencePtr &exception : std::as_const(exceptions)) {
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