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Move the Pop3Protocol class from kioslave to this directory

(not built/integrated yet)
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* SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 1999, 2000 Alex Zepeda <>
* All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause
#pragma once
#include <KIO/TCPSlaveBase>
#include <QUrl>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#define MAX_PACKET_LEN 4096
class POP3Protocol : public KIO::TCPSlaveBase
POP3Protocol(const QByteArray &pool, const QByteArray &app, bool SSL);
~POP3Protocol() override;
void setHost(const QString &host, quint16 port, const QString &user, const QString &pass) override;
void get(const QUrl &url) override;
void stat(const QUrl &url) override;
void del(const QUrl &url, bool isfile) override;
void listDir(const QUrl &url) override;
ssize_t myRead(void *data, ssize_t len);
ssize_t myReadLine(char *data, ssize_t len);
* This returns the size of a message as a long integer.
* This is useful as an internal member, because the "other"
* getSize command will emit a signal, which would be harder
* to trap when doing something like listing a directory.
size_t realGetSize(unsigned int msg_num);
* Send a command to the server. Using this function, getResponse
* has to be called separately.
bool sendCommand(const QByteArray &cmd);
enum Resp {
* Send a command to the server, and wait for the one-line-status
* reply via getResponse. Similar rules apply. If no buffer is
* specified, no data is passed back.
Resp command(const QByteArray &buf, char *r_buf = nullptr, unsigned int r_len = 0);
* All POP3 commands will generate a response. Each response will
* either be prefixed with a "+OK " or a "-ERR ". The getResponse
* function will wait until there's data to be read, and then read in
* the first line (the response), and copy the response sans +OK/-ERR
* into a buffer (up to len bytes) if one was passed to it.
Resp getResponse(char *buf, unsigned int len);
/** Call int pop3_open() and report an error, if if fails */
void openConnection() override;
* Attempt to properly shut down the POP3 connection by sending
* "QUIT\r\n" before closing the socket.
void closeConnection() override;
* Attempt to initiate a POP3 connection via a TCP socket. If no port
* is passed, port 110 is assumed, if no user || password is
* specified, the user is prompted for them.
bool pop3_open();
enum class AuthResult {
Failure, // try fallbacks
* Authenticate via APOP
AuthResult loginAPOP(const char *challenge, KIO::AuthInfo &ai);
bool saslInteract(void *in, KIO::AuthInfo &ai);
* Authenticate via SASL
AuthResult loginSASL(KIO::AuthInfo &ai);
* Authenticate via traditional USER/PASS
AuthResult loginPASS(KIO::AuthInfo &ai);
// int m_cmd;
unsigned short int m_iOldPort;
unsigned short int m_iPort;
QString m_sOldServer, m_sOldPass, m_sOldUser;
QString m_sServer, m_sPass, m_sUser;
bool m_try_apop, m_try_sasl, opened, supports_apop;
QString m_sError;
char readBuffer[MAX_PACKET_LEN];
ssize_t readBufferLen;
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