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Consider the online state when attempting to reconnect

There's actually a comprehensive error condition handling in the method
above which properly distinguishing between transient and persistent
problems, but we just ignore that decision here and continuously

Together with kimap!9 this
fixes the infinite SSL error dialog loop when rejecting to ignore an SSL
error to a large extend. You still get the dialog twice now, and then
after a few minutes again as this is considered to be a transient error
(e.g. caused by capture portals). This at least gives you the opportunity
now to actually fix the configuration or remove the resource.

CCBUG: 423424

(Bug 423424 remains open for SMTP)
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......@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ void ImapResourceBase::onConnectDone(int errorCode, const QString &errorString)
void ImapResourceBase::onConnectionLost(KIMAP::Session * /*session*/)
if (!m_pool->isConnected()) {
if (!m_pool->isConnected() && isOnline()) {
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