Commit f05fbd78 authored by Krzysztof Nowicki's avatar Krzysztof Nowicki Committed by Laurent Montel
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Don't flag the item as modified when change keys are matching

Previously skipping locally modified items was handled using the
modified items queue. This change prepares for removing it as it is
not an elegant solution to solve this problem.
parent a2bb3c49
......@@ -269,6 +269,10 @@ bool EwsFetchItemsJob::processIncrementalRemoteItemUpdates(const EwsItem::List &
Item &item = *it;
if (item.remoteRevision() == id.changeKey()) {
qCDebugNC(EWSRES_LOG) << QStringLiteral("Matching change key for item %1 - not syncing").arg(ewsHash(;
if (!mTagStore->readEwsProperties(item, ewsItem, mTagsSynced)) {
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