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      IMAP: add support for native GMail OAuth authentication · ca4b3f09
      Daniel Vrátil authored
      This change adds support for XOAUTH2 authentication method used by
      Gmail to the IMAP resource. The XOAUTH2 support is implemented in
      a custom SASL plugin. The token request/refresh is done via KGAPI.
      When user sets imap.gmail.com as IMAP server in the resource config
      dialog, the dialog automatically sets all the configuration to match
      the one of Gmail and selects XOAUTH2 as authentication method. The
      access and refresh tokens are stored in KWallet like a regular
      password, but a special PasswordRequesterInterface implementation is
      used to handle the tokens and pass the right data to KIMAP::LoginJob.
      With this change it's no longer necessary to have the "Allow less
      secure apps" option enabled in Google Account settings and it's no
      longer necessary to use app-specific password for accounts with
      two-step verification (2FA) enabled. The actual password is no longer
      stored in KWallet and has only be typed into Google Auth form once.
      FEATURE: 354508
      FIXED-IN: 5.5.0
      CHANGELOG: Implement native Gmail authentication into IMAP resource