1. 12 Oct, 2018 2 commits
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      resources/ews: Fix saving passwords to KWallet · b5ee6ff1
      Krzysztof Nowicki authored
      This is a regression after switching to asynchronous wallet
      opening. When saving the password the wallet is opened and a callback is
      registered to write the password once the wallet is ready. Unfortunately
      all this is done in an instance of the EwsSettings class that is local
      to the configuration dialog class. This means that this instance is
      destroyed once the configuration dialog is dismissed, so when opening
      the wallet takes a split second too long the object dies before the
      callback has a chance to do its job.
      The fix is not to use a local instance of the EwsSettings class in the
      configuration dialog and instead work on a pointer to this object kept
      by the root resource class, which is alive at all times.
      BUG: 393002
  3. 16 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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      EWS: Refactor server connection and password retrieval · 7c742583
      Krzysztof Nowicki authored
      In the old behaviour the resource would attempt to connect to the server
      at resource construction time, which is not the way it should work. This
      was a corner cut done in early development, when I was still a novice
      and I wanted it to just work. As we know cutting corners tends to
      backfire eventually...
      The updated implementation connects to the server when the resource is
      brought online.
      The password request code also received refactoring. Instead of
      synchronously waiting for KWallet it now performs the opening
      asynchronously together with a timeout for safety.
      A new unit test ensures that the code behaves as designed.
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