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[contacts] Populate remoteId of newly created contact

If user tries to modify a contact that has just been created, the modify job returns 404.
Although `remoteId` gets updated by `changeCommitted`, the UID inside Addressee doesn't.
We need to update the payload explicitly, in order to resolve the confusion

This patch adds an `ItemModifyJob` which does precisely that.

Test Plan:
 1) Create contact in KAddressBook
 2) Check Web: contacts is created
 3) Change this contact inside KAB
 4) (without patch) Contact does not get changed inside Web UI, we get 404
 5) (with patch) Contact gets changed

Reviewers: dvratil

Reviewed By: dvratil

Subscribers: kde-pim

Tags: #kde_pim

Differential Revision:
parent e68753a9
......@@ -523,6 +523,14 @@ void ContactsResource::slotCreateJobFinished(KGAPI2::Job *job)
* An Addressee inside Akonadi DB has a default UID, which differs from
* one obtained from Google, so we end up having a confision between remoteId
* and UID. Since changeCommitted does not update the payload, we need to
* update it here explicitly.
new ItemModifyJob(item);
} else if (collection.isValid()) {
ContactsGroupCreateJob *createJob = qobject_cast<ContactsGroupCreateJob *>(job);
Q_ASSERT(createJob->items().count() == 1);
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