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[resources/maildir] Don't save "file:" schema to the config

`ConfigWidget` uses `KConfig` underneath, and utilizes `KUrlRequester` custom
widget. The `USER` property of this widget (which is used by `KConfig`) is of
type `QUrl`, and thus when dialog is accepted, the `path` config property
gets overriden with `QUrl::toString()` value, which prepends `file:` schema
(this is basically because `KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemPath` is inherited from
`ItemString`, and when someone calls `ItemString::setProperty`, it gets
casted as `QVariant::toString`).

Inside the `ConfigWidget::save` the code calls `setPath` method on
`url.toLocalFile`, which drops the scheme. Because of that, the `pathItem`
and `path` property of `mSettings` have different values, first has schema
and the second hasn't. Eventually, the value stored by `pathItem` wins, and
`mSettings->path()` returns URL with schema. However, `Maildir` doesn't expect
it and misinterprets it as the relative path to current WORKDIR (which is home
directory), thus creating `/home/user/file:/home/user/...` file structure.

The proposed solution is to simply call `mSettings->save()`, which overrides
`pathItem` value and drops schema from it.

It also fixes the `AkoNotes` resource, which uses the same `ConfigWidget`.
Funny enough, `Contacts` resource, which is somewhat similar, is not affected
as it has the same `Settings->save()` call.

Alternative approaches include:
1) Teach `Maildir` to drop the schema (if it's there).
2) Teach `KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemPath` to work with `QUrl` and don't append
schema (it makes sense, because `ItemPath` corresponds to local file. Although
it's not documented that it shouldn't have schema, it seems from the tests that
it was the original intent). This could save the headache of having such issue
in the future, but it could mess up with other programs in funny ways (as
currently `file:` sometimes gets prepended, and some code might implicitly rely
on it)

Additional note:
There are `ui.kcfg_Path->url().isLocalFile()` checks around, which doesn't make
sense to me, as `KUrlRequester` is used for local files and it seems like it
always returns `QUrl` pointing to local file (i.e. have the `file:` schema).

BUG: 408354
BUG: 411269
BUG: 413588

Test Plan:
1) Open `akonadiconsole -> Local Folders` properties, change the folder, save
2) `cat ~/.config/akonadi_maildir_resource_0rc`. `file:` schema gets prepended
2.1) `akonadictl restart`. `file:` folder gets created inside homedir
3) Apply patch, repeat (1)-(2.1). `file:` schema is dropped.

Reviewers: dvratil, mlaurent

Reviewed By: dvratil

Subscribers: kde-pim

Tags: #kde_pim

Differential Revision:
parent 4df13613
......@@ -108,6 +108,7 @@ bool ConfigWidget::save() const
QString path = ui.kcfg_Path->url().isLocalFile() ? ui.kcfg_Path->url().toLocalFile() : ui.kcfg_Path->url().path();
if (ui.kcfg_Path->url().isLocalFile()) {
QDir d(path);
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