Commit d9091d85 authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid

Forward the error to the user via a KMessageBox

Otherwise i can't say the message that says

No s'ha pogut iniciar la sessió al servidor\nCould not login to The password may be wrong.\n\nThe server said: \"[AUTH] (#MBR1213) Please verify your account by going to\"

And i'm stuck not being able to download email.
parent d766b872
......@@ -914,6 +914,7 @@ void POP3Resource::cancelSync(const QString &errorMessage, bool error)
qCWarning(POP3RESOURCE_LOG) << "============== ERROR DURING POP3 SYNC ==========================";
qCWarning(POP3RESOURCE_LOG) << errorMessage;
KMessageBox::error(Q_NULLPTR, errorMessage);
} else {
qCDebug(POP3RESOURCE_LOG) << "Canceled the sync, but no error.";
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