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Add isDefaultIdentity to IdentifyCombobox

This is used to determine if the currently selected identity is the
default one.

Signed-off-by: Carl Schwan's avatarCarl Schwan <>
parent 5a86412f
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......@@ -95,6 +95,11 @@ uint IdentityCombo::currentIdentity() const
return d->;
bool IdentityCombo::isDefaultIdentity() const
return d-> == d->mIdentityManager->defaultIdentity().uoid();
void IdentityCombo::setCurrentIdentity(const Identity &identity)
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ public:
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QString currentIdentityName() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT uint currentIdentity() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool isDefaultIdentity() const;
void setCurrentIdentity(const QString &identityName);
void setCurrentIdentity(const Identity &identity);
void setCurrentIdentity(uint uoid);
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