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Determine embedded images without depending on a rich text widget

Iterating over a QTextDocument is hardly more work, and it will enable
to split core classes and widget classes into separate libraries in a
next step.
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......@@ -14,12 +14,11 @@
#include <KMessageBox>
#include <KProcess>
#include <QDir>
#include <QSharedPointer>
#include <QTextBlock>
#include <QTextDocument>
#include <KPIMTextEdit/RichTextComposer>
#include <KPIMTextEdit/RichTextComposerControler>
#include <KPIMTextEdit/RichTextComposerImages>
#include <QDir>
#include <cassert>
using namespace KIdentityManagement;
......@@ -55,17 +54,21 @@ public:
// Returns the names of all images in the HTML code
static QStringList findImageNames(const QString &htmlCode)
QStringList ret;
// To complicated for us, so cheat and let a text edit do the hard work
KPIMTextEdit::RichTextComposer edit;
const KPIMTextEdit::ImageWithNameList images = edit.composerControler()->composerImages()->imagesWithName();
for (const KPIMTextEdit::ImageWithNamePtr &image : images) {
ret << image->name;
QStringList imageNames;
QTextDocument doc;
for (auto block = doc.begin(); block.isValid(); block = {
for (auto it = block.begin(); !it.atEnd(); ++it) {
const auto fragment = it.fragment();
if (fragment.isValid()) {
const auto imageFormat = fragment.charFormat().toImageFormat();
if (imageFormat.isValid() && !"http")) && !imageNames.contains( {
return ret;
return imageNames;
void SignaturePrivate::assignFrom(const KIdentityManagement::Signature &that)
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