Commit ef029c05 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel
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Qt guys reverted api in qt5.15

parent e9d46d8f
......@@ -141,11 +141,7 @@ void SignatureConfigurator::Private::init()
QStackedWidget *widgetStack = new QStackedWidget(q);
widgetStack->setEnabled(false); // since !mEnableCheck->isChecked()
vlay->addWidget(widgetStack, 1);
q->connect(mSourceCombo, QOverload<int>::of(&QComboBox::currentIndexChanged), widgetStack, &QStackedWidget::setCurrentIndex);
q->connect(mSourceCombo, QOverload<int, const QString &>::of(&QComboBox::currentIndexChanged), widgetStack, &QStackedWidget::setCurrentIndex);
q->connect(mSourceCombo, QOverload<int>::of(&QComboBox::highlighted), widgetStack, &QStackedWidget::setCurrentIndex);
// connects for the enabling of the widgets depending on
// signatureEnabled:
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