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Commit 12f4696f authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

initialize variables

parent f2996af8
......@@ -55,8 +55,8 @@ public:
void reloadUoidList();
QList<uint> mUoidList;
IdentityManager *mIdentityManager;
IdentityCombo *q;
IdentityManager *mIdentityManager = nullptr;
IdentityCombo *q = nullptr;
void KIdentityManagement::IdentityComboPrivate::reloadCombo()
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ public:
void createDefaultIdentity();
QStringList groupList(KConfig *config) const;
void slotIdentitiesChanged(const QString &id);
KConfig *mConfig;
KConfig *mConfig = nullptr;
QList<Identity> mIdentities;
QList<Identity> shadowIdentities;
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ public:
// returns a new Unique Object Identifier
int newUoid();
bool mReadOnly;
bool mReadOnly = true;
KIdentityManagement::IdentityManager *q;
......@@ -64,12 +64,12 @@ public:
/// The directory where the images will be saved to.
QString saveLocation;
bool enabled;
bool enabled = false;
QString path;
QString text;
Signature::Type type;
bool inlinedHtml;
Signature *q;
bool inlinedHtml = false;
Signature *q = nullptr;
static bool isCursorAtEndOfLine(const QTextCursor &cursor)
......@@ -68,17 +68,17 @@ public:
QString asCleanedHTML() const;
SignatureConfigurator *q;
bool inlinedHtml;
bool inlinedHtml = false;
QString imageLocation;
QCheckBox *mEnableCheck;
QCheckBox *mHtmlCheck;
QComboBox *mSourceCombo;
KUrlRequester *mFileRequester;
QPushButton *mEditButton;
KLineEdit *mCommandEdit;
KToolBar *mEditToolBar;
KToolBar *mFormatToolBar;
KPIMTextEdit::RichTextComposer *mTextEdit;
QCheckBox *mEnableCheck = nullptr;
QCheckBox *mHtmlCheck = nullptr;
QComboBox *mSourceCombo = nullptr;
KUrlRequester *mFileRequester = nullptr;
QPushButton *mEditButton = nullptr;
KLineEdit *mCommandEdit = nullptr;
KToolBar *mEditToolBar = nullptr;
KToolBar *mFormatToolBar = nullptr;
KPIMTextEdit::RichTextComposer *mTextEdit = nullptr;
......@@ -107,11 +107,11 @@ QString SignatureConfigurator::Private::asCleanedHTML() const
void SignatureConfigurator::Private::init()
// tmp. vars:
QLabel *label;
QWidget *page;
QHBoxLayout *hlay;
QVBoxLayout *vlay;
QVBoxLayout *page_vlay;
QLabel *label = nullptr;
QWidget *page = nullptr;
QHBoxLayout *hlay = nullptr;
QVBoxLayout *vlay = nullptr;
QVBoxLayout *page_vlay = nullptr;
vlay = new QVBoxLayout(q);
vlay->setObjectName(QStringLiteral("main layout"));
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