Commit df15b85f authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Convert to new connect api

parent a2cffc7f
......@@ -155,8 +155,7 @@ void SignatureConfigurator::Private::init()
q->connect(mEnableCheck, &QCheckBox::toggled, widgetStack, &QStackedWidget::setEnabled);
q->connect(mEnableCheck, &QCheckBox::toggled, label, &QLabel::setEnabled);
// The focus might be still in the widget that is disabled
q->connect(mEnableCheck, SIGNAL(clicked()),
mEnableCheck, SLOT(setFocus()));
q->connect(mEnableCheck, &QCheckBox::clicked, mEnableCheck, QOverload<>::of(&QCheckBox::setFocus));
int pageno = 0;
// page 0: input field for direct entering:
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