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Apply the same departure day handling we have for flights also for trains

This makes post-processing handle the case that the departure time only
contains a time by using the departure day value to fill the gap.

This avoids extractor scripts having to do error prone date/time
computations in JS, in particular if both values are extracted from
different document nodes (e.g. a barcode and a PDF body).
parent 0a61bfb8
......@@ -42,10 +42,14 @@ KITINERARY_MAKE_OPERATOR(TrainTrip)
QDate TrainTrip::departureDay() const
if (d->departureTime.isValid()) {
if (d->departureDay.isValid()) {
return d->departureDay;
// pre-1970 dates are used as transient state when we only know the time
if (d->departureTime.isValid() && d-> > 1970) {
return d->;
return d->departureDay;
return {};
void TrainTrip::setDepartureDay(const QDate &value)
......@@ -195,8 +195,8 @@ TrainTrip ExtractorPostprocessorPrivate::processTrainTrip(TrainTrip trip) const
trip.setDepartureTime(processTrainTripTime(trip.departureTime(), trip.departureStation()));
trip.setArrivalTime(processTrainTripTime(trip.arrivalTime(), trip.arrivalStation()));
trip.setDepartureTime(processTrainTripTime(trip.departureTime(), trip.departureDay(), trip.departureStation()));
trip.setArrivalTime(processTrainTripTime(trip.arrivalTime(), trip.departureDay(), trip.arrivalStation()));
return trip;
......@@ -260,12 +260,16 @@ TrainStation ExtractorPostprocessorPrivate::processTrainStation(TrainStation sta
return processPlace(station);
QDateTime ExtractorPostprocessorPrivate::processTrainTripTime(QDateTime dt, const TrainStation& station) const
QDateTime ExtractorPostprocessorPrivate::processTrainTripTime(QDateTime dt, QDate departureDay, const TrainStation& station) const
if (!dt.isValid()) {
return dt;
if ( <= 1970 && departureDay.isValid()) { // we just have the time, but not the day
if (dt.timeSpec() == Qt::TimeZone) {
return dt;
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ public:
TrainReservation processTrainReservation(TrainReservation res) const;
TrainTrip processTrainTrip(TrainTrip trip) const;
TrainStation processTrainStation(TrainStation station) const;
QDateTime processTrainTripTime(QDateTime dt, const TrainStation &station) const;
QDateTime processTrainTripTime(QDateTime dt, QDate departureDay, const TrainStation &station) const;
BusReservation processBusReservation(BusReservation res) const;
BusTrip processBusTrip(BusTrip trip) const;
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