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Add findEvents overload taking a raw calendar pointer

Allows the use also if there is no shared pointer around, as those cannot
really be cleanly created on objects you don't own.
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......@@ -64,7 +64,18 @@ static void fillRentalCarReservation(const RentalCarReservation &reservation, co
static void fillTaxiReservation(const TaxiReservation &reservation, const KCalendarCore::Event::Ptr &event);
QVector<QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Event> > CalendarHandler::findEvents(const QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Calendar> &calendar, const QVariant &reservation)
QVector<QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Event>> CalendarHandler::findEvents(const QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Calendar> &calendar, const QVariant &reservation)
return findEvents(, reservation);
return {};
QVector<QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Event>> CalendarHandler::findEvents(KCalendarCore::Calendar *calendar, const QVariant &reservation)
if (!(JsonLd::canConvert<Reservation>(reservation) || JsonLd::canConvert<KItinerary::Event>(reservation)) || !calendar) {
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ namespace CalendarHandler
* (e.g. all trip segments covered by the same reservation number).
* @since 20.08
KITINERARY_EXPORT QVector<QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Event>> findEvents(KCalendarCore::Calendar *calendar, const QVariant &reservation);
KITINERARY_EXPORT QVector<QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Event>> findEvents(const QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Calendar> &calendar, const QVariant &reservation);
/** Attempts to find an event in @p calendar for @p reservation.
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