Commit 15a7f62a authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Consider empty variant lists as semantically null as well

This avoids dropping potential action lists during merging if only one
side has one.

This still needs a more comprehensive solution to deal with both sides
having different action lists though.
parent 2b1bd70b
......@@ -359,6 +359,9 @@ bool JsonLd::valueIsNull(const QVariant &v)
if (v.type() == qMetaTypeId<float>()) {
return std::isnan(v.toFloat());
if (v.type() == QVariant::List) {
return v.toList().isEmpty();
// starting with Qt6, QVariant::isNull is "shallow" and would miss the following as well
if (v.type() == QVariant::String) {
return v.toString().isNull();
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