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Determine the issuer id also for UIC 918.3 tickets without an U_HEAD block

This can happen with pure U_FLEX / ERA FCB tickets now, and is relevant
for extractor script selection.
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......@@ -172,7 +172,19 @@ QString Uic9183Parser::name() const
QString Uic9183Parser::carrierId() const
return findBlock<Uic9183Head>().issuerCompanyCodeString();
if (const auto head = findBlock<Uic9183Head>(); head.isValid()) {
return head.issuerCompanyCodeString();
if (const auto fcb = findBlock<Fcb::UicRailTicketData>(); fcb.isValid()) {
const auto issue = fcb.issuingDetail;
if (issue.issuerNumIsSet()) {
return QString::number(issue.issuerNum);
if (issue.issuerIA5IsSet()) {
return QString::fromLatin1(issue.issuerIA5);
return header().signerCompanyCode();
QDateTime Uic9183Parser::validFrom() const
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