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Ignore broken Amadeus PDF document times

Those are always a constant value in 2011, which messes up e.g. boarding
pass extraction that depends on a vaguely realistic context date.
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......@@ -36,6 +36,11 @@ bool PdfDocumentProcessor::canHandleData(const QByteArray &encodedData, QStringV
static void applyContextDateTime(PdfDocument *pdf, ExtractorDocumentNode &node)
// ignore broken PDF times for Amadeus documents
if (pdf->producer() == QLatin1String("Amadeus") && pdf->creationTime() == pdf->modificationTime() && pdf->creationTime().date() == QDate(2011, 5, 10)) {
auto dt = pdf->modificationTime();
if (!dt.isValid()) {
dt = pdf->creationTime();
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