Commit 61b47296 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Take IATA extraction results from document child node

This decouples us from when exactly the extraction engine is propagating
child results upwards.
parent 8235939b
......@@ -296,10 +296,10 @@ void PkPassDocumentProcessor::preExtract(ExtractorDocumentNode &node, [[maybe_un
auto res = JsonLdDocument::fromJsonSingular(result);
if (JsonLd::isA<FlightReservation>(res)) {
// if this doesn't contain a single IATA BCBP we wont be able to get sufficient information out of this
if (node.result().size() != 1) {
if (node.childNodes().size() != 1 || node.childNodes()[0].result().size() != 1) {
res = JsonLdDocument::apply(node.result().result().at(0), res).value<FlightReservation>();
res = JsonLdDocument::apply(node.childNodes()[0].result().result().at(0), res).value<FlightReservation>();
// extract structured data from a pkpass, if the extractor script hasn't done so already
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