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Remove the old now unused extractor engine code

parent e46e95c9
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......@@ -7,27 +7,12 @@
#pragma once
#include "kitinerary_export.h"
#include "extractorinput.h"
#include <QString>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
template <typename T> class QSharedPointer;
namespace KCalendarCore {
class Calendar;
namespace KPkPass {
class Pass;
namespace KMime {
class Content;
class QByteArray;
class QDateTime;
class QJsonArray;
......@@ -37,14 +22,11 @@ namespace KItinerary {
class AbstractExtractor;
class BarcodeDecoder;
class Extractor;
class ExtractorDocumentNode;
class ExtractorDocumentNodeFactory;
class ExtractorEnginePrivate;
class ExtractorRepository;
class ExtractorScriptEngine;
class HtmlDocument;
class PdfDocument;
* Semantic data extraction engine.
......@@ -130,33 +112,6 @@ public:
/** Resets the internal state, call before processing new input data. */
void clear();
/** The text to extract data from.
* Only considered for text extractors.
[[deprecated("use setContent")]] void setText(const QString &text);
/** A HTML document to extract data from.
* Only considered for HTML and text extractors.
[[deprecated("use setContent")]] void setHtmlDocument(HtmlDocument *htmlDoc);
/** A PDF document to extract data from.
* Only considered for PDF or text extractors.
[[deprecated("use setContent")]] void setPdfDocument(PdfDocument *pdfDoc);
/** The pkpass boarding pass to extract data from.
* Only considered for pkpass extractors.
[[deprecated("use setContent")]] void setPass(KPkPass::Pass *pass);
/** The iCalendar to extract data from.
* Only considered for ical extractors.
[[deprecated("use setContent")]] void setCalendar(const QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Calendar> &calendar);
/** A MIME part to extract from.
* This is assumed to contain one of the supported mime types.
* @p content is also set as extraction context (see setContext).
[[deprecated("use setContent")]] void setContent(KMime::Content *content);
/** Set raw data to extract from.
* @param data Raw data to extract from.
* @param fileName Used as a hint to determine the type, optional and used for MIME type auto-detection if needed.
......@@ -164,24 +119,11 @@ public:
void setData(const QByteArray &data, QStringView fileName = {}, QStringView mimeType = {});
/** Raw data to extract, but with a known type.
* No content type detection is performed here, you should be sure about @p type.
[[deprecated("use setData")]] void setData(const QByteArray &data, ExtractorInput::Type type);
/** Already decoded data to extract from.
* @param data Has to contain a object of a supported data type matching @p mimeType.
void setContent(const QVariant &data, QStringView mimeType);
/** Sets the MIME part the document we try to extract comes from.
* Use this for documents received by email, to provide additional
* hints for the extraction.
* Calling this method is not necessary when using setContent,
* only when using any of the other content setter methods directly.
[[deprecated("set setContext()")]] void setContext(KMime::Content *context);
/** Provide a document part that is only used to determine which extractor to use,
* but not for extraction itself.
* This can for example be the MIME message part wrapping a document to extract.
......@@ -210,7 +152,6 @@ public:
* be called manually. This mainly exists for the external extractor process.
void setAdditionalExtractors(std::vector<const AbstractExtractor*> &&extractors);
[[deprecated("uset setAdditionalExtractors()")]] void setAdditionalExtractors(std::vector<Extractor> &&extractors);
/** Perform the actual extraction, and return the JSON-LD data
* that has been found.
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