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Adapt to Qt6 no longer doing "deep" variant comparison by default

This breaks the generated value type comparison operators.
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......@@ -40,6 +40,14 @@ template <typename T> inline bool equals(typename parameter_type<T>::type lhs, t
return lhs == rhs;
// compare QVariant contents (no longer the default with Qt6)
template <> inline bool equals<QVariant>(const QVariant &lhs, const QVariant &rhs)
return lhs.isNull() == rhs.isNull() && (lhs.isNull() || QVariant::compare(lhs, rhs) == QPartialOrdering::Equivalent);
// QDateTime::operator== is true for two instances referring to the same point in time
// we however want to know if two instances contain exactly the same information
template <> inline bool equals<QDateTime>(const QDateTime &lhs, const QDateTime &rhs)
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