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Handle multipart/related MIME sub-trees

This puts images referenced by HTML nodes below that node now, contrary
to the MIME structure, so HTML extractor scripts have access to images
(and their contained barcode content) that are referenced by cid: URL.
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......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ ExtractorDocumentNode MimeDocumentProcessor::createNodeFromContent(const QVarian
return node;
static void expandContentNode(ExtractorDocumentNode &node, KMime::Content *content, const ExtractorEngine *engine)
static ExtractorDocumentNode expandContentNode(ExtractorDocumentNode &node, KMime::Content *content, const ExtractorEngine *engine)
QString fileName;
const auto ct = content->contentType(false);
......@@ -125,17 +125,33 @@ static void expandContentNode(ExtractorDocumentNode &node, KMime::Content *conte
child = engine->documentNodeFactory()->createNode(content->decodedContent(), fileName);
return child;
static void expandContentNodeRecursive(ExtractorDocumentNode &node, KMime::Content *content, const ExtractorEngine *engine)
const auto ct = content->contentType(false);
const auto children = content->contents();
if (!content->contentType(false) || children.empty()) {
if (!ct || children.empty()) {
expandContentNode(node, content, engine);
// TODO special handling of multipart/related to add images to the corresponding HTML document
// special handling of multipart/related to add images to the corresponding HTML document
if (ct && ct->isMultipart() && ct->isSubtype("related") && ct->parameter(QLatin1String("type")) == QLatin1String("text/html") && children.size() >= 2) {
const auto child = children.front();
if (child->contentType(false) && child->contentType(false)->isHTMLText()) {
auto htmlNode = expandContentNode(node, child, engine);
for (auto it = std::next(children.begin()); it != children.end(); ++it) {
auto imgNode = expandContentNode(htmlNode, (*it), engine);
const auto cid = (*it)->contentID(false);
if (cid) {
for (const auto child : children) {
expandContentNodeRecursive(node, child, engine);
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