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Allow ticketedSeat for bus extractors

Make it possible for a bus extractor to set the reserved seat:

  var res = JsonLd.newBusReservation();
  res.reservedTicket.ticketedSeat.seatNumber = "foo";
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......@@ -99,7 +99,10 @@ QJSValue JsApi::JsonLd::newBusReservation() const
const auto dep = newPlace(QStringLiteral("BusStation"));
const auto arr = newPlace(QStringLiteral("BusStation"));
const auto person = newObject(QStringLiteral("Person"));
const auto ticket = newObject(QStringLiteral("Ticket"));
const auto seat = newObject(QStringLiteral("Seat"));
auto ticket = newObject(QStringLiteral("Ticket"));
ticket.setProperty(QStringLiteral("ticketedSeat"), seat);
auto resFor = newObject(QStringLiteral("BusTrip"));
resFor.setProperty(QStringLiteral("departureBusStop"), dep);
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