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Add a test case for barcodes with scaling artifacts

That is, individual lines are off by one pixel in size, making the features
in there non-square. This can be found for example in DataMatrix codes on
Renfe tickets, or QR codes on CCC tickets.

This isn't a problem for our current decoder, but fails with new ZXing
ReadBarcode() API in pure mode.
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......@@ -76,6 +76,8 @@ private Q_SLOTS:
QTest::newRow("1") << QStringLiteral("qrcode1.png") << QStringLiteral("M$K0YGV0G");
QTest::newRow("2") << QStringLiteral("qrcode2.png") << QStringLiteral("KZEXO4HRE");
// individual lines have non-square features (found e.g. in Renfe tickets)
QTest::newRow("3") << QStringLiteral("qrcode-scale-artifacts.png") << QStringLiteral("M$K0YGV0G");
void testQRCode()
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