Commit caa08a51 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Switch airport database to the new name tokenizer and QStringView

This can still be done more efficiently, but here we usually only have
few tokens to process, so this isn't a priority for now, and it's certainly
more efficient than before.
parent 6202739e
......@@ -7,10 +7,10 @@
#include "airportdb.h"
#include "airportdb_p.h"
#include "airportdb_data.cpp"
#include "airportnametokenizer_p.h"
#include "stringutil.h"
#include <QDebug>
#include <QRegularExpression>
#include <QTimeZone>
#include <algorithm>
......@@ -196,15 +196,15 @@ static void iataCodeForNameFragments(const QStringList &fragments, std::vector<I
iataCodeForNonUniqueFragments(fragments, codes);
static QStringList splitToFragments(const QString &name)
static QStringList splitToFragments(QStringView name)
return name.split(QRegularExpression(QStringLiteral("[ 0-9/'\"\\(\\)&\\,.–„-]")),
AirportNameTokenizer tokenizer(name);
return tokenizer.toStringList();
std::vector<KnowledgeDb::IataCode> KnowledgeDb::iataCodesFromName(const QString &name)
std::vector<KnowledgeDb::IataCode> KnowledgeDb::iataCodesFromName(QStringView name)
const auto fragments = splitToFragments(name);
QStringList normalizedFragments;
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ std::vector<KnowledgeDb::IataCode> KnowledgeDb::iataCodesFromName(const QString
return codes;
KnowledgeDb::IataCode KnowledgeDb::iataCodeFromName(const QString &name)
KnowledgeDb::IataCode KnowledgeDb::iataCodeFromName(QStringView name)
const auto fragments = splitToFragments(name);
QStringList normalizedFragments;
......@@ -37,9 +37,9 @@ KITINERARY_EXPORT QTimeZone timezoneForAirport(IataCode iataCode);
KITINERARY_EXPORT CountryId countryForAirport(IataCode iataCode);
/** Attempts to find the unique IATA code for the given airport name. */
KITINERARY_EXPORT IataCode iataCodeFromName(const QString &name);
KITINERARY_EXPORT IataCode iataCodeFromName(QStringView name);
/** Returns all possible IATA code candidates for the given airport name. */
KITINERARY_EXPORT std::vector<IataCode> iataCodesFromName(const QString &name);
KITINERARY_EXPORT std::vector<IataCode> iataCodesFromName(QStringView name);
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