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Slightly stricter date/time matching patterns

This got confused by transfer times of more than one hour, which are
stated between legs here and match the same pattern.
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......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ function parseInouiPdfText(page)
return reservations;
var pos = date.index + date[0].length;
while (true) {
var dep = text.substr(pos).match(/(\d+[h:]\d+) +(.*)\n/);
var dep = text.substr(pos).match(/(\d{2}[h:]\d{2}) +(.*)\n/);
if (!dep)
pos += dep.index + dep[0].length;
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ function parseInouiPdfText(page)
res.reservationFor.departureTime = JsonLd.toDateTime(date[1] + dep[1], ["d MMMM yyyyhh'h'mm", "dd MMMM yyyyhh:mm"], ["fr", "en"]); = dep[2];
var arr = text.substr(pos).match(/(\d+[h:]\d+) +(.*)\n/);
var arr = text.substr(pos).match(/(\d{2}[h:]\d{2}) +(.*)\n/);
if (!arr)
var endPos = arr.index + arr[0].length;
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