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Deprecated all of ExtractorInput

This now has more flexible MIME type based alternatives.
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......@@ -16,7 +16,9 @@ class QString;
namespace KItinerary {
/** Extractor input data type methods. */
/** Extractor input data type methods.
* @deprecated Use the MIME type based API instead.
namespace ExtractorInput
......@@ -35,18 +37,18 @@ namespace ExtractorInput
/** Try to determine data type based on @p content. */
KITINERARY_EXPORT Type typeFromContent(const QByteArray &content);
KITINERARY_DEPRECATED_EXPORT Type typeFromContent(const QByteArray &content);
/** Return the content type based on the given MIME type. */
KITINERARY_EXPORT Type typeFromMimeType(const QString &mimeType);
KITINERARY_DEPRECATED_EXPORT Type typeFromMimeType(const QString &mimeType);
/** Try to determine data type based on the file name. */
KITINERARY_EXPORT Type typeFromFileName(const QString &fileName);
KITINERARY_DEPRECATED_EXPORT Type typeFromFileName(const QString &fileName);
/** Convert type enum to a string. */
KITINERARY_EXPORT QString typeToString(Type type);
/** Convert string representation of the type to an enum. */
KITINERARY_EXPORT Type typeFromName(const QString &name);
KITINERARY_DEPRECATED_EXPORT Type typeFromName(const QString &name);
/** Convert type to a MIME type. */
QString typeToMimeType(Type type);
KITINERARY_DEPRECATED QString typeToMimeType(Type type);
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