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Extract the zip file into this folder.
(2) Generate timezone lookup map
(2) Generate the timezone index
Open timezones.qgs in QGIS. Select "Project" > "Layouts" > "timezone_lookup_map" and then
"Layout" > "Export as Image". Choose "timezones.png" in this folder, 2400dpi, enable
"Generate world file" and *disable* anti-aliasing.
- If necessary, adjust the output path at the end of qgis/
- Open timezones.qgs in QGIS.
- Select "Plugins" > "Python Console".
- In the Python Console, click on the "Show Editor" toolbar icon.
- In the Python script editor, select "Open Script..." in the toolbar, and open qgis/
- In the Python script editor, select "Run Script".
- Wait.
- Once the script has finished, an updated timezone index can be found in the output file set in the first step.
(3) Run the code generator
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