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Extract the zip file into this folder. Extract the zip file into this folder.
(2) Generate timezone lookup map (2) Generate the timezone index
Open timezones.qgs in QGIS. Select "Project" > "Layouts" > "timezone_lookup_map" and then - If necessary, adjust the output path at the end of qgis/
"Layout" > "Export as Image". Choose "timezones.png" in this folder, 2400dpi, enable - Open timezones.qgs in QGIS.
"Generate world file" and *disable* anti-aliasing. - Select "Plugins" > "Python Console".
- In the Python Console, click on the "Show Editor" toolbar icon.
- In the Python script editor, select "Open Script..." in the toolbar, and open qgis/
- In the Python script editor, select "Run Script".
- Wait.
- Once the script has finished, an updated timezone index can be found in the output file set in the first step.
(3) Run the code generator (3) Run the code generator
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