1. 31 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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      Make the extractor filter match scope explicit · 716464b8
      Volker Krause authored
      That is, which parts of the document need to match relative to the part
      being considered for extraction. This so far is all implicit based on the
      types of the matching and extracted parts. Explicitly specifying this will
      therefore further allow us to remove implicit type-specific logic from the
      core engine, while giving us even more flexibility.
      This information isn't actually used yet, this is only a small preparation
      for a larger upcoming rework of the extractor engine.
  5. 15 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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      Unify extractor filter field name key · 333834f5
      Volker Krause authored
      Now that we don't need that anymore to determine the filter type, we can
      name them the same everywhere. This is not only less error prone and
      simplifies the code, it also a first step towards making the extractor
      engine core more type-agnostic.
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  11. 04 Oct, 2019 1 commit
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      Don't trigger text-based extractors if we have a PDF alternative · 4bfedd54
      Volker Krause authored
      The text-based alternatives only exist for DB and SNCF so we can check in
      unit test data, so change the trigger filter to something special for the
      tests. As a result we only run the PDF variant on real data, avoiding the
      extra work and any possible merging issues.
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      Add work in progress SNCF extractor · fe735ae2
      Volker Krause authored
      This basically works, but has the remaining issue that the entire SNCF
      PDF ticket does not contain the year the booking is for. So we need to
      guess that based on the email date, and information that is not yet
      exposed to the extractor scripts.