1. 06 Apr, 2018 6 commits
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      Add an import filter for JsonLdDocument::fromJson · c3afac74
      Volker Krause authored
      This allows us to migrate/translate deprecated or renamed values. Use
      this for translating Google's Reservation::ticketToken to the schema.org
      replacement Ticket::ticketToken.
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      Inherit Airline from Organization · 6a29c86f
      Volker Krause authored
      This required changing the assumption in the current data types code that
      base classes are abstract. This in turn now allows assigning instances
      of sub-types to instances of base types (but there's no way back, with
      the polymorphism hidden in the private class). That works without the
      risk of slicing as the private type will "remember" the sub-type it came
      from, and can actually be quite convenient.
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      Fix bus reservation inheritance · 2625b83a
      Volker Krause authored
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      Hide d pointers from API docs · b3748b39
      Volker Krause authored
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      Add more datatypes · 647248b9
      Luca Beltrame authored
      This patch adds the following types:
      - TouristAttraction
      - FoodEstablishment
      I added FoodEstablishment because otherwise getting more specific types
      is a mess with schema.org's complex inheritance. This one is the most generic
      type for that kind of stuff.
      Test Plan: Compile only, but some of the other Places don't have tests yet.
      Reviewers: vkrause
      Reviewed By: vkrause
      Subscribers: vkrause, #kde_pim
      Tags: #kde_pim
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D11974
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