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Make everything member functions here so we can access validator settings

parent 5b879ce6
......@@ -36,6 +36,17 @@ namespace KItinerary {
class ExtractorValidatorPrivate {
bool isSupportedTopLevelType(const QVariant &elem) const;
bool filterElement(const QVariant &elem) const;
bool filterLodgingReservation(const LodgingReservation &res) const;
bool filterAirport(const Airport &airport) const;
bool filterFlight(const Flight &flight) const;
bool filterTrainTrip(const TrainTrip &trip) const;
bool filterBusTrip(const BusTrip &trip) const;
bool filterEvent(const Event &event) const;
bool filterFoodReservation(const FoodEstablishmentReservation &res) const;
bool filterLocalBusiness(const LocalBusiness &business) const;
bool filterReservation(const Reservation &res) const;
std::vector<const QMetaObject*> m_acceptedTypes;
......@@ -52,19 +63,17 @@ void ExtractorValidator::setAcceptedTypes(std::vector<const QMetaObject*> &&accp
d->m_acceptedTypes = std::move(accptedTypes);
static bool filterElement(const QVariant &elem);
static bool filterLodgingReservation(const LodgingReservation &res)
bool ExtractorValidatorPrivate::filterLodgingReservation(const LodgingReservation &res) const
return res.checkinTime().isValid() && res.checkoutTime().isValid() && res.checkinTime() <= res.checkoutTime();
static bool filterAirport(const Airport &airport)
bool ExtractorValidatorPrivate::filterAirport(const Airport &airport) const
return !airport.iataCode().isEmpty() || !;
static bool filterFlight(const Flight &flight)
bool ExtractorValidatorPrivate::filterFlight(const Flight &flight) const
// this will be valid if either boarding time, departure time or departure day is set
const auto validDate = flight.departureDay().isValid();
......@@ -79,36 +88,36 @@ static bool filterTrainOrBusStation(const T &station)
return !;
static bool filterTrainTrip(const TrainTrip &trip)
bool ExtractorValidatorPrivate::filterTrainTrip(const TrainTrip &trip) const
return filterTrainOrBusStation(trip.departureStation())
&& filterTrainOrBusStation(trip.arrivalStation())
&& trip.departureDay().isValid();
static bool filterBusTrip(const BusTrip &trip)
bool ExtractorValidatorPrivate::filterBusTrip(const BusTrip &trip) const
return filterTrainOrBusStation(trip.departureBusStop())
&& filterTrainOrBusStation(trip.arrivalBusStop())
&& trip.departureTime().isValid() && trip.arrivalTime().isValid();
static bool filterEvent(const Event &event)
bool ExtractorValidatorPrivate::filterEvent(const Event &event) const
return ! && event.startDate().isValid();
static bool filterFoodReservation(const FoodEstablishmentReservation &res)
bool ExtractorValidatorPrivate::filterFoodReservation(const FoodEstablishmentReservation &res) const
return res.startTime().isValid();
static bool filterLocalBusiness(const LocalBusiness &business)
bool ExtractorValidatorPrivate::filterLocalBusiness(const LocalBusiness &business) const
return !;
static bool filterReservation(const Reservation &res)
bool ExtractorValidatorPrivate::filterReservation(const Reservation &res) const
if (!filterElement(res.reservationFor())) {
qCDebug(ValidatorLog) << "Reservation element discarded due to rejected reservationFor property:" << res.reservationFor().typeName();
......@@ -117,17 +126,17 @@ static bool filterReservation(const Reservation &res)
return true;
template <typename T, bool (*F)(const T&)>
static inline bool callFilterWithType(const QVariant &v)
template <typename T, bool (ExtractorValidatorPrivate::*F)(const T&) const>
static inline bool callFilterWithType(const ExtractorValidatorPrivate *d, const QVariant &v)
// JsonLd::canConvert<T>(v) is guaranteed by walking up the meta object tree here
return F(JsonLd::convert<T>(v));
return (d->*F)(JsonLd::convert<T>(v));
#define FILTER(Type, Func) { &Type::staticMetaObject, callFilterWithType<Type, Func> }
#define FILTER(Type, Func) { &Type::staticMetaObject, callFilterWithType<Type, &ExtractorValidatorPrivate::Func> }
struct {
const QMetaObject *metaObject;
bool (*filter)(const QVariant &v);
bool (*filter)(const ExtractorValidatorPrivate *d, const QVariant &v);
} static const filter_func_map[] {
FILTER(Flight, filterFlight),
FILTER(TrainTrip, filterTrainTrip),
......@@ -140,7 +149,7 @@ struct {
#undef FILTER
static bool filterElement(const QVariant &elem)
bool ExtractorValidatorPrivate::filterElement(const QVariant &elem) const
auto mo = QMetaType::metaObjectForType(elem.userType());
if (!mo) {
......@@ -152,7 +161,7 @@ static bool filterElement(const QVariant &elem)
if (f.metaObject != mo) {
if (!f.filter(elem)) {
if (!f.filter(this, elem)) {
return false;
......@@ -192,5 +201,5 @@ bool ExtractorValidator::isValidElement(const QVariant &elem)
// apply type-specific filter functions
return filterElement(elem);
return d->filterElement(elem);
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