Commit 3da35611 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Try to find an equivalent timezone in the right country

This improves the situation for locations close to the boarder, where the
coordinate-based lookup gives us the equivalent timezone in the wrong
country, and where the right country has more than one timezone. This
particularly helps with CA <-> US and MX <-> US cases, and thus improves
test results for the airport location database.
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......@@ -106,6 +106,36 @@ KnowledgeDb::Tz KnowledgeDb::timezoneForLocation(float lat, float lon, CountryId
const auto countryTz = timezoneForCountry(country);
const auto countryFromCoord = countryForTimezone(coordTz);
// if we determine a different country than was provided, search for an equivalent timezone
// in the requested country
// example: Tijuana airport ending up in America/Los Angeles, and America/Tijuna being the only MX timezone equivalent to that
if (coordTz != Tz::Undefined && countryFromCoord.isValid() && countryFromCoord != country) {
bool nonUnique = false;
Tz foundTz = Tz::Undefined;
const auto coordZone = toQTimeZone(coordTz);
constexpr const int timezone_count = sizeof(timezone_country_map) / sizeof(timezone_country_map[0]);
for (int i = 1; i < timezone_count; ++i) {
if (timezone_country_map[i] != country) {
const auto t = static_cast<Tz>(i);
if (!isEquivalentTimezone(toQTimeZone(t), coordZone)) {
if (foundTz != Tz::Undefined) {
nonUnique = true;
foundTz = t;
if (!nonUnique && foundTz != Tz::Undefined) {
return foundTz;
// only one method found a result, let's use that one
if (coordTz == Tz::Undefined || coordTz == countryTz) {
return countryTz;
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