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Commit 839863f7 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause

Make the generic extractor work on ÖBB train tickets

They use very large images for the relevant barcode, so don't discard
parent 00e2ffe6
......@@ -38,7 +38,8 @@ enum {
// unit is pixels, assuming landscape orientation
MinSourceImageHeight = 10,
MinSourceImageWidth = 30,
MaxSourceImageHeight = 1000, // TODO what's a realisitic value here?
// OEBB uses 1044x1044 for its UIC 918.3 Aztec code
MaxSourceImageHeight = 1100, // TODO what's a realisitic value here?
MaxSourceImageWidth = 2000,
// unit is 1/72 inch, assuming landscape orientation
MinTargetImageHeight = 30,
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