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Add method to check if an ical event can be created from a reservation

This is taken from the KMail plug-in, but is also needed for PBI.
parent 0df50ee7
......@@ -77,7 +77,9 @@ private Q_SLOTS:
ExtractorPostprocessor postproc;
QCOMPARE(inArray.size(), postproc.result().size());
const auto postData = postproc.result();
QVERIFY(std::all_of(postData.begin(), postData.end(), CalendarHandler::canCreateEvent));
QCOMPARE(inArray.size(), postData.size());
MemoryCalendar::Ptr refCal(new MemoryCalendar(QTimeZone::systemTimeZone()));
ICalFormat format;
......@@ -86,7 +88,7 @@ private Q_SLOTS:
const auto refEvents = refCal->rawEvents(KCalendarCore::EventSortStartDate, KCalendarCore::SortDirectionAscending);
QCOMPARE(refEvents.size(), 1);
Event::Ptr newEvent(new Event);
CalendarHandler::fillEvent(postproc.result(), newEvent);
CalendarHandler::fillEvent(postData, newEvent);
// sync volatile fields, we only care for differences elsewhere
const auto &refEvent =;
......@@ -121,6 +121,22 @@ QVector<QVariant> CalendarHandler::reservationsForEvent(const QSharedPointer<KCa
bool CalendarHandler::canCreateEvent(const QVariant &reservation)
#ifdef HAVE_KCAL
if (JsonLd::isA<FlightReservation>(reservation)) {
const auto f = reservation.value<FlightReservation>().reservationFor().value<Flight>();
if (f.departureTime().isValid() && f.arrivalTime().isValid()) {
return true;
return SortUtil::startDateTime(reservation).isValid();
return false;
void CalendarHandler::fillEvent(const QVector<QVariant> &reservations, const QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Event> &event)
if (reservations.isEmpty()) {
......@@ -46,11 +46,14 @@ namespace CalendarHandler
KITINERARY_EXPORT QVector<QVariant> reservationsForEvent(const QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Event> &event);
/** Checks if the given @p reservation contains enough information to create an iCal event from it. */
KITINERARY_EXPORT bool canCreateEvent(const QVariant &reservation);
/** Fills @p event with details of @p reservations.
* Can be used on new events or to update existing ones.
* @param reservations When passing more than one reservation here, those most be for the same multi-traveler trip.
* @param event The event.
* @param reservations When passing more than one reservation here, those must be for the same multi-traveler trip.
* That is, MergeUtil::isSame() returns true for Reservation::reservationFor for each pair of values.
* @param event The event.
KITINERARY_EXPORT void fillEvent(const QVector<QVariant> &reservations, const QSharedPointer<KCalendarCore::Event> &event);
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