Commit d36a4228 authored by Kai Uwe Broulik's avatar Kai Uwe Broulik 🍇
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Apply type_filters on normalized type as per comment

The comment said "filter functions applied to objects of the corresponding (already normalized) type" but it didn't.
Probably went unnoticed as we don't actually normalize any of the types that have a specialized filter right now.

Differential Revision:
parent b2496d67
......@@ -264,14 +264,15 @@ static void filterRecursive(QJsonArray &array)
static void filterRecursive(QJsonObject &obj)
const auto type = obj.value(QLatin1String("@type")).toString().toUtf8();
auto type = obj.value(QLatin1String("@type")).toString().toUtf8();
// normalize type
const auto it = std::lower_bound(std::begin(type_mapping), std::end(type_mapping), type, [](const auto &lhs, const auto &rhs) {
return std::strcmp(lhs.fromType, rhs.constData()) < 0;
if (it != std::end(type_mapping) && std::strcmp((*it).fromType, type.constData()) == 0) {
obj.insert(QStringLiteral("@type"), QLatin1String((*it).toType));
type = it->toType;
obj.insert(QStringLiteral("@type"), QLatin1String(type));
for (auto it = obj.begin(); it != obj.end(); ++it) {
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