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    Create shadow key also for the smartcard's encryption key. · f9a92113
    Werner Koch authored
    The shadow key is required to properly decrypt messages.  The test
    case here is: A new user inserts her card, Kleo figures which are
    signing and encryption key and shows that in the dialog.  The user
    enters the address of the recipient, signs and encrypts, and sends off
    the data.  Now when she wants to decrypt the message by herself, she
    will get an error because GnuPG can't find the key due to the missing
    shadow key for the encryption key.  This might work better with GnuPG
    2.3 but for 2.2 this is very annoying.  GnuPG actually does the same
    what this patch does but that does not kick in here.
    The --no-data is just an optimization available with latest gpg-agent
    version; older version would just ignore this.