Commit 1ee45a58 authored by Ingo Klöcker's avatar Ingo Klöcker
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Minor cleanup

* Remove explicit setting of alignment of one of the two group boxes
  to AlignLeft which is the default anyway.
* Remove obsolete connects. encBox is not checkable anymore since a long

GnuPG-bug-id: 5535
parent ae821301
......@@ -127,7 +127,6 @@ SignEncryptWidget::SignEncryptWidget(QWidget *parent, bool sigEncExclusive)
auto encBoxLay = new QVBoxLayout;
auto encBox = new QGroupBox(i18nc("@action", "Encrypt"));
// Own key
mSelfSelect = new KeySelectionCombo();
......@@ -174,8 +173,6 @@ SignEncryptWidget::SignEncryptWidget(QWidget *parent, bool sigEncExclusive)
// Connect it
connect(encBox, &QGroupBox::toggled, recipientWidget, &QWidget::setEnabled);
connect(encBox, &QGroupBox::toggled, this, &SignEncryptWidget::updateOp);
connect(mEncSelfChk, &QCheckBox::toggled, mSelfSelect, &QWidget::setEnabled);
connect(mEncSelfChk, &QCheckBox::toggled, this, &SignEncryptWidget::updateOp);
connect(mSymmetric, &QCheckBox::toggled, this, &SignEncryptWidget::updateOp);
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