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Add 7bit replacement option in archivedefinition

gpgtar does not properly handle local 8 bit encoding
and interprets it internally as UTF-8 breaking the
folder name created by gpgtar. To avoid having wrong
encoding in the filenames we now pass it for the
unpack command with all special characters replaced
by underscore.

This is an ugly hack but better then to leave it broken
and this code is only used if configured in libkleopatrarc.

GnuPG-Bug-Id: T5226
parent 8322aa63
......@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ static const QLatin1String EXTENSIONS_ENTRY("extensions");
static const QLatin1String EXTENSIONS_OPENPGP_ENTRY("extensions-openpgp");
static const QLatin1String EXTENSIONS_CMS_ENTRY("extensions-cms");
static const QLatin1String FILE_PLACEHOLDER("%f");
static const QLatin1String FILE_PLACEHOLDER_7BIT("%F");
static const QLatin1String INSTALLPATH_PLACEHOLDER("%I");
static const QLatin1String NULL_SEPARATED_STDIN_INDICATOR("0|");
......@@ -134,9 +135,11 @@ static void parse_command(QString cmdline, const QString &id, const QString &whi
throw ArchiveDefinitionError(id, i18n("Cannot use both %f and | in '%1'", whichCommand));
cmdline.replace(FILE_PLACEHOLDER, QLatin1String("__files_go_here__"))
.replace(INSTALLPATH_PLACEHOLDER, QStringLiteral("__path_goes_here__"));
.replace(INSTALLPATH_PLACEHOLDER, QStringLiteral("__path_goes_here__"))
.replace(FILE_PLACEHOLDER_7BIT, QStringLiteral("__file7Bit_go_here__"));
l = KShell::splitArgs(cmdline, KShell::AbortOnMeta | KShell::TildeExpand, &errors);
l = l.replaceInStrings(QStringLiteral("__files_go_here__"), FILE_PLACEHOLDER);
l = l.replaceInStrings(QStringLiteral("__file7Bit_go_here__"), FILE_PLACEHOLDER_7BIT);
if (l.indexOf(QRegExp(QLatin1String(".*__path_goes_here__.*"))) >= 0) {
l = l.replaceInStrings(QStringLiteral("__path_goes_here__"), ArchiveDefinition::installPath());
......@@ -289,6 +292,18 @@ private:
QStringList doGetUnpackArguments(GpgME::Protocol p, const QString &file) const override
QStringList copy = m_unpackArguments[p];
if (copy.contains(FILE_PLACEHOLDER_7BIT)) {
/* This is a crutch for missing a way to provide Unicode arguments
* to gpgtar unless gpgtar offers a unicode interface we have
* no defined way to provide non 7Bit arguments. So we filter out
* the chars and replace them by _ to avoid completely broken
* folder names when unpacking. This is only relevant for the
* unpacked folder and does not effect files in the archive. */
const QRegExp non7Bit(QStringLiteral("[^\\x{0000}-\\x{007F}]"));
QString underscore_filename = file;
underscore_filename.replace(non7Bit, QStringLiteral("_"));
copy.replaceInStrings(FILE_PLACEHOLDER_7BIT, underscore_filename);
copy.replaceInStrings(FILE_PLACEHOLDER, file);
return copy;
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