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Use application display name in Really Quit? confirmation dialog

This also adds user interface markers to some UI texts.

GnuPG-bug-id: 5833
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......@@ -89,16 +89,16 @@ using namespace GpgME;
static KGuiItem KStandardGuiItem_quit()
static const QString app = KAboutData::applicationData().componentName();
static const QString app = KAboutData::applicationData().displayName();
KGuiItem item = KStandardGuiItem::quit();
item.setText(i18nc("Quit [ApplicationName]", "&Quit %1", app));
item.setText(xi18nc("@action:button", "&Quit <application>%1</application>", app));
return item;
static KGuiItem KStandardGuiItem_close()
KGuiItem item = KStandardGuiItem::close();
item.setText(i18n("Only &Close Window"));
item.setText(i18nc("@action:button", "Only &Close Window"));
return item;
......@@ -145,11 +145,14 @@ public:
void closeAndQuit()
const QString app = KAboutData::applicationData().componentName();
const QString app = KAboutData::applicationData().displayName();
const int rc = KMessageBox::questionYesNoCancel(q,
i18n("%1 may be used by other applications as a service.\n"
"You may instead want to close this window without exiting %1.", app),
i18n("Really Quit?"), KStandardGuiItem_close(), KStandardGuiItem_quit(), KStandardGuiItem::cancel(),
xi18n("<application>%1</application> may be used by other applications as a service.<nl/>"
"You may instead want to close this window without exiting <application>%1</application>.", app),
i18nc("@title:window", "Really Quit?"),
QLatin1String("really-quit-") + app.toLower());
if (rc == KMessageBox::Cancel) {
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