Commit 6a1b1e1c authored by Ingo Klöcker's avatar Ingo Klöcker
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Clean up left-over references to configure_backend action

The unused configure_backend action was removed with commit
parent 2f504289
......@@ -66,8 +66,6 @@
<Action name="crl_clear_crl_cache"/>
<Action name="crl_dump_crl_cache"/>
<Action name="configure_backend"/>
<Menu name="settings">
......@@ -475,10 +475,6 @@ void MainWindow::Private::setupActions()
if (QAction *action = coll->action(QStringLiteral("configure_backend"))) {
action->setMenuRole(QAction::NoRole); //prevent Qt OS X heuristics for config* actions
KStandardAction::close(q, SLOT(close()), coll);
KStandardAction::quit(q, SLOT(closeAndQuit()), coll);
KStandardAction::configureToolbars(q, SLOT(configureToolbars()), coll);
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